Cartoon Han Solo and Leah with the words Star Wars in a frame, and inside Les Chocolats De Chickee

Death Star Surprise- $10

This is an awesome gift idea !!
A mouthwatering milk chocolate shell breaks open where you will find inside either the Dark Lord of the Sith (Darth Vader) or a highly inept Buckethead (Storm Trooper).

Nutella Darth Vader - $8

This Sith Lord Darth Vader is sinfully delicious.

With its 64% Dark Belgian Chocolate shell and delicious Nutella ganache center, you will want to join the Dark Side too.

Comes with 3 Darth Vader chocolates

Berry Boba Fett - $8

A dark chocolate shell hides a rich dark chocolate and raspberry filling, in this unique chocolate treat. 
This comes with 2 Boba Fett chocolates and 1 solid Mandalorian symbol.

Millennium Falcon - $8

Millennium Falcon1.jpg

Cookies and Cream    - $8
Storm Trooper 

White Chocolate Storm Troopers.... Creamy white chocolate on the outside with a decadent white chocolate and Oreo cookie filling.

Unlike the Storm troopers themselves, these chocolates wont miss their mark.

Comes with 3 Storm Trooper chocolates.

Carbonite Crunch - $8

This finely rendered Man in Carbonite is art created in our kitchen that happens to use Han Solo as inspiration.

It is made of creamy Belgian Milk Chocolate and Feuilletine, those tiny, wafer-like flakes of goodness. *may be swapped out for Crisp Pearls if inventory is low*

You can choose from the large 70g Han Solo, or 8 small 10g mini- Han Solos.

The Falcon looks like a worn-out junker, but beneath her hull she’s full of surprises.

This is a milk chocolate Millennium Falcon whose taste is out of this world.

*Can be made with dark chocolate as well*